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Our group walks consist of countryside adventures or in a field that we have access to, which is in a safe and secure environment for your dog’s just to run free and play with their fur buddies without the stress of any external influences. The benefit of having access to a field is that Go Fetch Berkswell can focus entirely on your dog’s alone without the worry of any other dogs that aren’t part of the club. Play and interaction is very important and stimulating for dogs, so having this time with Go Fetch Berkswell will together make a very happy dog and home. Your dog may prefer a countryside walk, so why not let them join in with our adventures.  


Your dog will only ever be walked in small groups at any one time as we strongly believe your dog deserves all the attention and interaction they require. It is also important that our dogs are closely assessed and put into groups that are suitable to ensure a happy and safe environment.


Go Fetch Berkswell offer a few sessions a day, where your dog will be walked for at least an hour, we do not believe in cutting their walks to incorporate the pickup and drop off times.




  • £12 a walk per dog (reduced to £10 for 5 walks Mon to Fri)

  • £20 a walk for 2 dogs from same household (reduced to £18 for 5 days a week Mon to Fri)

Dog Law - Please note that the current legalisation dictates that all dogs are required to be microchipped and when taken outside they need to have a collar and tag fitted with the name and address of the owner and a contact phone number.



One-To-One Dog walks or Solo dog walks booked with Go Fetch Berkswell are usually for a one hour period.

There are many dogs who will benefit greatly from a solo dog walk as we understand that some dogs can be nervous, stressed and anxious during interaction with other dogs.

A young, healthy and robust dog enjoys nothing more than bounding around with a pack, playing, interacting and learning the vital social skills. However there are dogs who do not fit into this category, and therefore a solo walk is the most beneficial for him/her.


  • £15 a walk (reduced to £13 for 5 walks Mon to Fri)