We know having a puppy isn't easy! We can help...

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Puppies require alot of love and attention. They can be hard work; toilet training, establishing their routine, socialising and general training... so why not benefit from our Puppy Care service! This includes toilet breaks, clearing up any accidents, playing and socialising and most importantly, lots of loves! While you're at work we will visit your new puppy and continue with the training you are working on. 

As your puppy gets older, we will gradually introduce them to short walks... over exercising your puppy can overtire them and damage their developing joints. So we slowly extend the length of their walks, the older the puppy gets. We then start to socialise your puppy to other dogs, as this is a very important stage to a puppy growing up... we can bring along one of our dogs to help with the process. Once they are fully grown, they can then join in with the rest of the 'Go Fetch Berkswell' Club.

Our sessions include:

- Two 30 minute visits a day at £15

- One 45 minute session at £10

We pride ourselves on being flexible to meet the different needs of our customers, so if you have something else in mind for your puppy please get in touch.  

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